Ep 74: How to Nail Nutrition, Motherhood and Life by Slowing Down, Introducing Structure and Embracing Simplicity with Isa Welly

APPLY TO JOIN THE CONSCIOUSLY ALIVE CEO > In today's episode of Consciously Alive, host Phoebe Greenacre converses with the multifaceted Isa-Welly, exploring her transformative odyssey from African roots to Parisian stages, and from dazzling dance tours with Kylie Minogue to a rejuvenating pivot into nutritional therapy and wellness coaching. This episode delves into the symbiosis of health, nutrition, and the art of mindful living, all through the lens of a mother and entrepreneur who dan...

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Dare to step outside the box and challenge the status quo. Embrace your power to craft a life that sparks joy and fuels your spirit. Consciously Alive, a weekly podcast, guides you on this transformative journey. It's about daring to dream, catalysing change, aligning actions with your core values, and putting in the work to make it happen.Your host, Phoebe Greenacre, is a seasoned guide on this journey. As a Conscious Business Coach, Somatic Therapist, Yoga and Meditation instructor, she's no stranger to life beyond conventional boundaries. Inspired by her quest for a more fulfilling life, she traded the corporate hamster wheel for boundless exploration, journeying through over 67 countries, building and offloading globally recognized brands and enterprises.Now, enjoying a serene life in Bali, she shares her wisdom and experiences to inspire you to live a life that's truly Consciously Alive. www.phoebegreenacre.com