New Beginnings: Starting Out and What the Future Holds

Embark with us on an exploration of architecture's unique challenges and triumphs. As Ben Sutherland, Sam Brown, and Gerard Dombroski, we weave tales of personal growth and the foundations of our respective practices. We traverse the globe through stories that shape our design principles, discuss the delicate fusion of the natural world with innovative structures, and share our strategies for navigating the complex waters of business planning in the architectural realm.This conversation is a deep dive into the art of satisfying client visions without sacrificing the creative spirit that fuels us. We uncover the art behind the architecture, the passion that drives our projects, and the financial tightrope we walk in balancing the array of creative pursuits. As we round out our discussion, we cast a hopeful glance at the future of our industry, from the increasing demand for green building accreditations to the nuanced potential of AI in the design process. We speculate on the resilience of the construction market and the enduring value of continuous learning. Listen in for a tapestry of insights that connect the dots between architecture, business, and the evolving landscape of our profession.Follow us on @designpriciplespod on instagram.If you wish to contact us hit our DMs or email us on [email protected]

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Architecture. A hot topic, a buzz word, a realm for the rich and famous, or the thing that your step uncle does? We will be unpacking the good, the bad and the downright reality of the architectural and construction industry. With insights from industry professionals and personal anecdotes from our three hosts Ben, Gerard and Sam, you will be given a look behind the closed pages of those fancy looking moleskins. Tune in and redline out.