3: Spilling the truth about our marriage ft. our husbands

Our first guest on the podcast! Kayla and Maddie’s husbands (Elijah & Cameron) take over “For the gals” Sharing how their relationship all started and their love life. They talk about the dumbest arguments they’ve had and spilling the truth what they really think about their wives doing social media.  Stay tuned every TUESDAY at 12pm for a new episode with FOR THE GALS  Follow Us- @forthegalspod Intro & outro music-  Music by @brianapiedra- CRAVE via @hellothematic

Om Podcasten

This podcast is hosted by Kayla Kosuga and Maddie Burch. Just 2 gals in our 20's oversharing about our life. Kayla and Maddie will talk through the ups and downs about being a young adult, the hard truth about social media, relationships, whether it's a family, friend or partner. They love a good Girl talk, they'll be replying to questions you're afraid to ask your mom and what's life without a little drama, Kayla and Maddie will be spilling the tea. Most importantly, discussing about mental health, which they're very passionate about. Kayla and Maddie are here to be one of your BFF's and go through this sh*t together. Stay tuned every Tuesday at 12pm for a new episode with FOR THE GALS Follow Us- IG @forthegalspod intro & outro music- Music by @brianapiedra - CRAVE via @hellothematic