Brian Chesky ON: The Crisis of Disconnection and Loneliness & How to Tap Into Your Creative Potential

How far are you willing to go to pursue your passion and achieve success? Do you sometimes find yourself sitting in silence and getting in your own thoughts? When we're driven by our passion, we become creative, motivated, and enduring every hardship that comes our way.  Today, Airbnb Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Brian Chesky sits down with Jay for an honest and eye-opening conversation about the other side of success.  Brian talks about how crucial it is to choose your group wisely for the people you surround yourself with can make a big difference, sharing success with others keeps you from feeling all alone in your victories, and the need for balance between focusing on your goals and creating a community where you can thrive.  Mental health is another important point of discussion as well as the outdated perceptions we have of ourselves that potentially blocks personal growth.  In this interview, you'll learn: How to be wise in choosing your people How to keep valuable friendships How to deal with success How to overcome loneliness How to be of service to others How creativity can solve problems Join us in this engaging conversation as we navigate the twists and turns, seeking wisdom and connection for personal growth. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:16 Choose the people you want to surround yourself with 05:33 Going in a journey that will help you learn something new about yourself 08:47 Never allow arguments to win over your friendships 13:28 Share your success or else it might feel so isolating 18:24 To truly understand someone is to try to walk in their shoes 20:35 That feeling where you don’t fit in anywhere 28:29 Loneliness has led to a lot of mental health issues 34:59 Worry less about what people think, focus on what you can share with others 39:42 There are two words that define being alone - loneliness and solitude 41:40 Creativity is about bringing different experiences together 49:00 Try more things, have more experiences, and avoid seeking status 50:41 What would your younger self tell you now? 55:37 We are who we think other people think we are 57:48 The tendency to make an outdated perception of ourselves 01:00:32 How do you want to be remembered? 01:03:15 Singular focus is good for success but it has limitations   01:09:03 What keeps you up at night? 01:14:19 How do you process your thoughts and ideas? 01:17:38 Finding a shared value and having clarity about what you want to do 01:20:13 Losing yourself while pursuing your passion 01:24:00 How do you want to define family? 01:27:47 The wisdom of older people and the curiosity of a child 01:32:16 Even though things are interconnected, it doesn’t mean they’re all the same 01:36:12 Brian on Final Five Episode Resources: Brian Chesky | Instagram Airbnb Want to be a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach? Get the Digital Guide and Workbook from Jay Shetty for privacy information.

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