Jada Pinkett Smith ON: How to Move from Shame to Self- Acceptance & Ways to Heal From The Past

Do you want to transform shame into self acceptance?  Do you want to learn how to forgive in order to heal? Today, Jay sits down for an extremely powerful, vulnerable and transformative conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada is an actress, producer, musician, host, author and advocate whose career has spanned over 30 years. Jada is also one of the hosts, on the Emmy award-winning talk show titled Red Table Talk. Today we are talking about Jada’s new book is out now called “Worthy”  Jada fearlessly shares insights into her marriage, shedding light on never-before-heard truths, including the 2022 Oscar's incident. We also explore the notion that our relationships serve as mirrors, reflecting our inner selves, and delve into the transformative power of embracing greater love to conquer life's challenges. In this interview you’ll learn:  How to let go of the old version of you  Why self love is so important How to remain courageous in adversities  How to turn shame into self acceptance How to overcome your past and thrive With Love and Gratitude,  Jay Shetty  In this interview, we’ll discuss: 02:48 Jada On How Writing Her New Book Was A Healing Process  09:48 On Growing Up With Young Parents Who Struggled With Addiction  14:31 “I wasn’t a priority… I felt unlovable”  20:40 *Trigger warning* Jada On Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts  32:11 Jada On Her Journey To Hollywood & Facing Disappointment  39:32 On Her Friendship with Tupac Shakur  42:59 The Difference Between Sexual Chemistry & Energetic Connection  52:54 A Realistic Approach To Love & Marriage  01:03:53 The Complicated Timeline of Jada and Will Smith’s Marriage 01:11:27 On Self-worth & Self-love  01:13:49 Jada Speaks About Jaden and Willow Smith including a *Surprise Letter From Willow* 01:23:58 It’s Important To Show Your Flaws & Humanness To Your Children  01:42:00 Friendship Built On Healing & Personal Growth  01:45:50 Be Okay With Your Victories & Your Challenges  01:49:52 How Jada & Will Are Healing Together  01:52:19 Why Jada and Will’s Marriage Hasn’t Ended In A Divorce?  01:59:09 Romantic Love Is An Aspect Of The Highest Form Of Relationships  02:02:57 Letting Go Of The Romantic Love  02:07:13 Marriage Is A Partnership That Works For Both Partners  02:15:23 Despite Living Separate Lives There Is A Strong Bond  02:19:52 *Surprise Moment* Jay Reads A Letter From Will  02:22:59 Married Young With Different Needs & Visions For The Family  02:29:11 The Fear Of Embracing Our Humanness You can purchase Jada’s book here https://ourworthyjourney.com/ Episode Resources: Jada Pinkett Smith | Youtube Jada Pinkett Smith | Instagram  Jada Pinkett Smith | Tiktok Jada Pinkett Smith | Facebook Jada Pinkett Smith | Website  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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