Zane Lowe ON: 3 Tools for Navigating Social Anxiety & 3 Ways to Change Your Relationship with Your Ego

How do you deal with social anxiety? Do you have tools in place to help you overcome anxious thoughts? Today, Zane Lowe sits down with Jay Shetty for a conversation about success in career, marriage and parenthood, and how to navigate social anxiety. Zane is a grammy-nominated producer, executive, and radio host. He is Apple Music’s Creative Director and the flagship anchor for Apple Music 1, part of the award-winning Apple Music Radio.  In addition to hosting his daily show, Zane curates original programming and oversees Apple Music's artist-led programming, which features shows hosted by Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and many more.   Zane opens up about his lifelong passion for music, which was ignited by a chance meeting with Split Enz. What's truly remarkable is that, despite his immense success in the music industry, He remains a devoted fan at heart. He reminds us that our passions can be a driving force in our lives, and when we put our focus on manifesting what truly matters, we can create space within ourselves for the good things. As we dive deeper into this candid discussion, Zane shares his insights on maintaining a balanced life in the face of distractions and the importance of cherishing the simple things. He highlights the value of creating communities and experiences that inspire others, shedding light on how therapy played a pivotal role in preparing him for parenthood, and the essence of love as an unspoken language, the secrets of lasting marriages, and the true meaning of greatness.  In this interview, you'll learn: Why you need to focus on what truly matters in your life How to create space for positive things The power of shared experiences in a community How to love deeply and more meaningfully How to be in-tune with your ego How to maintain a healthy balance in your life How to have impactful and inspiring conversations In the end, we are reminded that the most inspiring conversations often happen with those who have no intention to sell, leaving us with profound insights about life and purpose. With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss:  00:00 Intro  01:29 How A Life-long Passion For Music Evolved Into A Successful Career  07:36 We Manifest The Things We Focus On  10:06 Dedicate Your Focus To Things That Feel Authentic To You  14:19 The Importance Of Creating Space Within Your Mind  16:30 The True Purpose Of Music Is To Inspire and Create Community  20:55 How Therapy Helped Prepare Zane For Parenthood  24:55 What Kind Of Father Do You Want To Be?  26:30 Why Is Love Considered An Unspoken Language? 29:36 You Need To Grow Together If You Want Your Marriage Can Last  33:44 Navigating Social Anxiety  36:26 True Greatness Comes From Knowing How To Access It  42:06 How To Recognize A Genuine Connection With An Individual  45:37 What’s Your Relationship With Your Ego?  51:30 Do You Manifest? How Do You Practice Manifestation?  53:23 How Do You Manage Ambition And Still Maintain A Balanced Life?  58:46 You’ll Miss Opportunities If You’re Only Focused On Speed  01:01:00 Practicing Healthy Routines  01:04:07 Undoing Habits And Practices That Society Built For Us  01:11:03 What Is The Difference Between Working And Working Hard? 01:11:55 The Most Inspiring Conversations Are With People Who Have No Intention To Sell 01:17:25 Zane Lowe on Final Five Episode Resources: Zane Lowe | Twitter Zane Lowe | Instagram Zane Lowe | Facebook Zane Lowe | TikTok Zane Lowe | YouTube The Zane Lowe Show Want to be a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach? Get the Digital Guide and Workbook from Jay Shetty for privacy information.

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