425. The History Of Chocolate

‘For if a person fatigued with long and hard labour, or with a violent agitation of the mind, takes a good dish of chocolate, he shall perceive almost instantly that his faintness shall cease, and his strength shall be recovered’ The Cacao tree was first domesticated by the Olmecs in Mesoamerica, possibly as early as 1500 BC, and was then first encountered by Europeans in the 16th century, when it is said that the Aztec Emperor Montezuma welcomed Hernan Cortes into his dominion with a mysterious dark drink. Indeed, Chocolate was originally consumed as a drink, and was a cornerstone of Aztec life, whether used as currency or as part of religious rituals. Brought back by the conquistadors to Europe, Chocolate slowly spread through the continent, particularly among the ruling classes, up until the industrial revolution of the 19th century, when technical advancements allowed for chocolate to be made into a food, at a far lower cost. This paved the way for Quaker families, such as the Cadburys or the Frys, keen to find an alternative to alcohol, to make the snack available to the masses… Tom and Dominic have partnered with Cadbury, in celebration of their 200th year anniversary, to explore the story of how chocolate, from its Mesoamerican origins, became a British favourite. Over the coming months, Cadbury will be announcing more plans for its 200th anniversary year, including ways that fans nationwide can get involved in the celebrations. For more information, visit: https://www.cadbury.co.uk/about/anniversary/200-years-of-cadbury/ *The Rest Is History LIVE in 2024* Tom and Dominic are back onstage this summer, at Hampton Court Palace in London!  Buy your tickets here: therestishistory.com Twitter: @TheRestHistory @holland_tom @dcsandbrook Producer: Theo Young-Smith Assistant Producer: Tabby Syrett Executive Producers: Jack Davenport + Tony Pastor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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